Join the lab!

Individuals interested in pursuing post-doctoral work in areas related to our lab's interests should contact Ilya directly. Expertise in genetics, genomics, computational biology, molecular evolution and related fields as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications as well as enthusiasm and strong interpersonal skills are all important considerations.

Graduate students who are currently at the University of Chicago are encouraged to contact Ilya directly. Those interested in pursuing graduate work at the University should apply via regular admission process to the Department of Ecology & Evolution, Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology, Committee on Developmental Biology, and Committee on Evolutionary Biology (additional information on the Division of Biological Sciences is available). To ensure that I have a chance to see your application, please indicate that you are interested in working in this lab. You are also welcome to inquire by e-mail.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab should contact Ilya to set up an appointment.

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